advertising campaign

What is an advertising campaign?

It can be said that the advertising campaign is the key to all the closed doors of your business. By consulting with experts in the field of advertising, you can easily achieve the best efficiency by using different methods of running advertising campaigns, so that the name of your brand or product or service is quickly spread in all the media of the city.

Maybe you have different ideas for your business, maybe you only need a campaign and advertisement for one of your products, or you plan to introduce your new brand to specific contacts or people in the community, and other ideas of a manager. You need an advertising campaign to make this happen.

What services do we offer in the advertising campaign at Civilization of Tamadone Honar?

The advertising campaign process in Tamadone Honar collection has gone ahead in an orderly manner and according to the plan, and we assure the customer that according to the given advice and trust in the advertising company of Tamadone Honar, it will achieve the best efficiency in good business. In this regard, our collection offers services such as free consultation, making advertising mockups to attract more attention of the audience, quick implementation of advertising campaigns, etc. to our dear customers so that our customers can safely witness the significant progress of their business!

Situation Analysis

Before creating an advertising campaign, we need to examine the state of our business and answer a few questions:

Is my business capable of wide environmental advertising?

Will the advertising campaign help improve my business?

Does my business have the potential to serve a large volume of applicants after running an advertising campaign?

After answering these questions, if in response to the question “Can I run an advertising campaign?” Your answer is yes; Congratulations, you are now ready to work with an advertising company.

Determining the objectives of the advertising campaign

You cannot do this part of the work alone because you need the advice of an advertising manager. After searching and finding a reputable and reputable advertising company, you will get advice from this company to determine your goals. In this meeting, you and the advertising manager will reach a common goal for your advertising campaign by evaluating your business and the way you provide services to customers. Note that you should not set any goals without consulting because it may have an adverse effect on the efficiency of your campaign, and be sure to reach your goal with consulting.

Evaluation of target audiences

In what age group are your contacts? Are your contacts students? Are your contacts working? Should your contacts be separated by gender? And such questions that by answering these items you will reach your target audience.

Choosing the right media for the campaign

This is basically your job, but it is better to leave it to experts who have been working in the field of advertising campaigns for years. Due to the multitude of advertising media, you will be confused to choose the right media for your advertising campaign alone, but by consulting with us, you will get the best choice and ultimately the best result.

Determining the budget

Running an advertisement campaign is more expensive than other advertisements because in this type of advertisement you have a collection of all advertisements and if you want to have each of these advertisements separately and outside of the advertisement campaign, your cost will be much higher than the campaign. In general, after choosing the desired media, you will get a package of advertisements, each package has its own amount, and most reputable advertising companies, such as Tamadone Honar, will introduce you packages with different prices depending on your budget. So that you can choose the best advertising campaign with ease.

Campaign timing

The timing of the advertising campaign has a direct relationship with the evaluation of the target audience, so you must match your time with the audience’s time; For example, if your target audience is students, you can’t run a campaign in the summer when no one is thinking about studying or university, or you can’t run special campaigns on the wrong occasions. It is a debt, and in this case you also need advice so that there are no problems with your advertising campaign and the costs you incur!

Content production

Now, content must be produced for the selected media; Basically, effective and short sentences should be used for environmental advertisements and campaigns. Experience has proven that the shorter and clearer the text, the better it will be noticed by the audience. Sometimes business owners who intend to run an advertising campaign, due to lack of knowledge, want to have all their services and products on their billboards, which is a mistake. Most of these billboards and media are not in front of the audience for a long time and they have to describe all the services in a few seconds.

Running an advertising campaign

Well, your work is finished, from now on it is up to you with the company of the contracting party to prepare the selected contents and media and distribute them widely in the city according to your needs. These companies are struggling with many problems to run and maintain these media, which may be far from our eyes. Problems such as theft of media equipment, power cut of signs at night, installation problems and its dangers for the technical people of the collection, etc., who are obliged to execute and maintain your advertisement in the best possible way without any defects.

Evaluating the success of the campaign in the specified period of time

After the end of the advertising campaign, it is time to evaluate the work process and the success of the project. According to the contract and reaching the goal of the advertising campaign, the work is complete, and if there is a problem such as blackout of the billboard, tearing of the billboard, etc., in the process of the campaign, the group is obliged to satisfy the customer with the conditions mentioned in the contract.

In the end, it should be noted that the advertising campaign is one of the best methods of advertising around the world, so that you will quickly become famous by running an advertising campaign, and this type of advertising is one of the most guaranteed advertising. If you are the owner of a start-up or very competitive business, we suggest you to use an advertising campaign to promote your business. Lean back and enjoy watching.