Advertising boards, from design and construction to installation and maintenance!

What is an advertising billboard?

Advertising banner, advertising billboard or advertising board, which is briefly written in English as billboard, which is called ad-nama in the Persian language dictionary, is used as a place to install announcements and advertisements.

Advertising banner or advertising billboard, as most people know, is one of the best and most powerful ways of advertising. By installing advertising boards, both in the past and now, we can strongly and powerfully inform the general public of any type of product or service we have, including merchants, factories, institutions, etc.

This strong and powerful advertising media is a type of environmental media that is usually installed in streets, squares, intersections and in the city where people visit more. Some advertising companies, with their creativity and attractive ideas and designs, make this type of advertising go out of its usual and normal state and appear as an advertising billboard with many visual appeals.

In addition to the advertising aspect, these boards also have a media aspect, a medium that allows you to deliver your message to all audiences in the best possible way.

What is an advertising banner or billboard?

The most common definition that can be expressed for a billboard is that this advertising board is a device that is designed and implemented for an individual’s personal account to advertise services or products in the open space. Advertising banner design or attractive advertising board design attracts the attention of passers-by and drivers. As mentioned earlier, this type of advertisement is one of the best and most powerful advertising methods.

The advertising banners that you see in the city are designed and implemented in various sizes and designs. Such as the big white boards that are located around the highways or on the streets of the city where billboard makers install and run advertisements on them.

Most of the billboards that we see in the city are in the form of photos, these photos can be creative, sarcastic, humorous or strange. But today, people are interested in billboards that contain a new and creative idea.

The design of the billboard should be somewhat simple and creative, with this feature, the most attention can be attracted with the least attention. Another thing to consider in the design of billboards is that this type of advertisement should be read in the shortest possible time. Therefore, it should not contain a lot of information. Little information should be given in this advertising banner so that the target audience will look for details or search for the desired service.

In addition to these cases, advertising banners are also used to increase the popularity of your brand, with advertising banners, the credibility of your company and brand among the audience increases.

All kinds of advertising billboards

Advertising banners or billboards, as mentioned earlier, are designed and implemented in different sizes and shapes. One of the most common types of advertising banners is the rectangular advertising board that is often installed in the streets of the city.

Another thing that is common among advertising banners is the vertical banner that is installed on the sidewalks. This type of advertisement is installed vertically to occupy less space.

Advertising boards and banners that are also installed in buildings and elevators are another type of advertising in billboards.

One of the most common types of advertising billboards is the flexiface billboard construction. This type of advertising banner is from the category of printed advertising boards. The construction method of an advertising board is first designed as a box-shaped iron frame, which is illuminated from the inside by moonlight or LED lamps.

Advertising banners with raised letters are made on composite facades, which are considered one of the most beautiful types of signboards.

Why do we need an advertising banner for our business?

The main task of any advertisement is to communicate between the owner of the advertisement and the audience of that advertisement and to attract the target audience. It should also be said that advertisements will be effective when they occupy the audience’s mind. After seeing the advertisement, the audience should communicate with it and ultimately lead him to buy or use services and products. The importance of advertisements for you is mentioned below:

* Business branding.

* Products or services are introduced to people through advertisements.

* New customers are attracted by advertising.

* Previous customers will use your brand again and loyal customers will be created.

* Advertising allows you to stay competitive with your peers.

* By using billboards, your profit will increase.