Construction of metal construction of bridge banner, escalator and advertising structures

What is a metal structure?

How is a pedestrian bridge constructed? What is a metal structure? To answer this question, let’s start with an explanation of what a metal structure entails. A metal structure is described as a construction where the main materials and components are predominantly made of metal and steel.

Steel and metal are commonly used materials in construction projects worldwide. Metal structures, also known as steel frameworks, are frequently used in columns and beams. These metallic components are interconnected through welding, nuts, and bolts. When combined, they can support and uphold the ceilings, walls, and floors of buildings. Column shapes vary and can be square, rectangular, circular, T-shaped, or L-shaped. Beams are often shaped as I-beams, H-beams, trusses, joists, or composite beams. These materials are typically produced in steel section factories, where such items are included in the production lineup.

Division of Steel Structures:

  1. Framed metal and steel structure
  2. Metal and steel structure
  3. Suspended metal and steel structure
  4. Truss-like metal and steel structure

Framed metal and steel structure

To construct this type of structure, which are connected together in the form of columns and beams or in the form of bracing, steel and metal profiles are used. This type of structure is used in the construction of bridges and tall buildings or industrial structures. Due to its special characteristics, this structure is the best choice for this type of structures. The structural frame is the best option for structures that prioritize the strength of the building and metal structure due to its ability to withstand horizontal and vertical forces, making it the primary choice in earthquake engineering. The construction of metal structures with a frame shape is carried out in factories under strict supervision. If we were to point out the disadvantages of this type of structure, we would mention its lack of resistance to heat and fire. However, with the advancement of construction science and architecture, fire-resistant polymers are applied to these types of structures which effectively address this issue.

Metal and steel structure

Metal structure shells are made using steel sheets for cladding or metal covering on the structure. One of the advantages of this structure is the ability to cover very large areas. This structure has a beautiful and attractive appearance, and its weight is also very low compared to other metal structures, which is another advantage of this metal structure.

Suspended metal and steel structure

This structure has many features, one of the most prominent features is that it can be used in the construction of suspension bridges, pipelines, parking ceilings, etc. This structure bears a strong resemblance to frame structures, with the only difference being the presence of tension cables for the suspended structure. This structure has many components that can efficiently withstand very heavy loads. It is used for the construction of long bridges.

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