Graphic studio and its role in advertising

What is a graphic studio?

The graphic studio allows you to use it to get to know this profession better if you are interested in graphic works.


In addition to the previous case, Graphic Studio gives you the possibility to get help from Graphic Studio if you are looking for a solution to better introduce your products and services to consumers. In the rest of this article, a better and broader understanding of the graphic studio will be discussed.

All kinds of graphic studio services

As mentioned, the services provided in the graphic studio are very diverse and many. Each of the works that are done in the graphic studio will help to attract more easily the audience for your profession.

Design and graphics

When you hear about graphic design, your mind will probably go towards the design of advertising boards, such as billboards, website design, etc. But in fact, graphic design is wider than these examples. For example, infographics, book design, logo and business card design, UI, UX, animation, motion graphics, etc. are part of graphic design that are dealt with in the graphic studio.


In the graphic studio, the services that are provided to customers in this area, i.e. design and graphics, include logo design or organizational design, design and implementation of all kinds of posters, brochures and catalogs, design of office sets, letterheads and envelopes, and banner and stand design. It includes billboard and advertising board design, graphic and site design or UI UX, industrial product photography and advertising and artistic photos.

Ad advice

In the graphic studio, with the presence of professional people in advertising and attracting the target audience, consultations will be provided to business owners about how to do advertising better.

This advice is about doing better advertising, starting effective advertising campaigns in attracting the audience, festivals and exhibitions, etc. Also, in the advertising consulting department of the graphic studio, they also provide services such as stage design and implementation, decor creation and implementation, and all kinds of replicas.


The graphic studio, having experts in the field of digital illustrations, one-dimensional and multi-dimensional images, design of all kinds of characters and design of all kinds of publications, provides services in the field of their profession.

Types of graphic design

As mentioned earlier, graphic design includes various disciplines and professions. So much so that if we asked people several years ago what graphic design is, they would name limited works that are based on graphic design. With the increasing progress of graphic design technology, it has also made significant progress, and with the updating of science and information, graphic design has witnessed tremendous progress.

Product photography

You know that a picture is worth a thousand words, but product photography has a different meaning. By photographing a product and placing it on the website, you will direct thousands of visitors to your site. With industrial photography of the product, you can make your audience more and more familiar with your products.

Of course, there are other ways that you can use at the same time as industrial photography of the product to attract more audience, for example, you can use banner design, use of motion graphics and podcast and effective content.

Product photography is not easy. The way to hold the camera, the lighting conditions, the space in which the photography is done, etc., all these things are effective in producing attractive photos.

The points that must be observed to start an industrial photography of the product are briefly mentioned below. If you don’t have access to advanced photography equipment, you can take better photos of your products according to these tips.

* Make the most of your smart phone camera.

* Take better and more attractive photos with the help of camera stands.

* Choose a light from natural or artificial.

* Use reflection or diffuse light to soften the light.

* To emphasize the product in the photo, use portrait mode in photography.

product design

There is no universal and comprehensive definition to express the question of what product design is, that is why the definitions do not include all the issues related to product design.


Here we must have two definitions, the first definition is a definition that directly deals with different aspects of a product and introduces it. And another is a definition that provides the product design process.


The design of the product that is done in the graphic studio includes the process of review, image, creation of new solutions and corrections that occur in the product so that it is prepared for the final production according to all the points. Therefore, the explanation that was provided can be defined with the theme that product design is the introduction of a product to the market and defining the problem and providing a solution for that problem.