Graphic Atelier and its Role in Advertising

What is graphic atelier?

A graphic studio provides you with the opportunity to better understand the graphic design profession if you are interested in graphic-related work.

Furthermore, a graphic design studio offers support in enhancing how you showcase your products and services to customers. The following article delves into a detailed exploration of graphic studios.

Various graphic studio services:

As mentioned, the services offered in a graphic studio are diverse and extensive. Each task performed in a graphic studio contributes significantly to attracting the audience for your profession.

Design and Graphics

When people think of graphic design, they might initially associate it with creating advertisements for billboards, websites, and other media. However, graphic design encompasses a wider range of areas beyond these typical examples. Tasks such as designing infographics, books, logos, business cards, user interfaces (UI), user experiences (UX), animations, motion graphics, and more fall under the umbrella of graphic design activities carried out in a graphic studio.

In a graphic studio, clients are offered a range of design and graphic services. These services encompass creating logos and corporate identities, developing and producing different types of posters, brochures, and catalogs, designing office stationery like letterheads and envelopes, as well as crafting banners, stands, billboards, and advertising displays. Additionally, services extend to graphic and website design (UI/UX), industrial product photography for advertising purposes, and artistic photography.

Advertising Consulting

In a graphic studio, with professional individuals in advertising and target audience engagement, consultations on better advertising practices will be provided to business owners. This consultation includes improving advertising practices, starting effective advertising campaigns to attract the audience, festivals, exhibitions, etc. Additionally, in the advertising consultation section of the graphic studio, services such as designing and executing scenes, constructing and executing decors and various models are also provided.


The graphic studio offers services in their professional domain with experts specializing in diverse digital imaging techniques, one-dimensional and three-dimensional imagery, character design, and various publication design.

Types of graphic design

As mentioned earlier, graphic design encompasses various fields and professions. In the past, if you asked people what graphic design was, they would mention limited tasks that are shaped by graphic design. With the advancement of technology, graphic design has also made significant progress, and with the updating of knowledge and information, graphic design has seen tremendous advancement.

Product Photography

You know that a picture is worth a thousand words, but product photography has a different meaning. By photographing a product and placing it on a website, you can direct thousands of visitors to your site. Industrial photography of products can help showcase your products to your audience more effectively. Of course, there are other ways to attract more viewers while using industrial photography of products. For example, you can use banner design, motion graphics, podcasts, and impactful content.

Photographing products is not easy. Factors such as camera maintenance, lighting conditions, the space in which the photography takes place, etc., all play a role in producing attractive and effective photos. Briefly listed below are some points that should be considered when starting industrial photography of products. If you do not have access to advanced photography equipment, you can still take better photos of your products by following these tips:

  • Make the most of your smartphone camera.
  • Use camera tripods for better and more attractive photos.
  • Select a natural or artificial light source.
  • Use reflection or light scattering to soften the light.
  • Use portrait mode in photography to emphasize the product.

Product Design

There is no one-size-fits-all definition for product design as it does not cover all aspects related to the field. Two definitions can be proposed: one focusing on the various aspects of a product and its introduction, while the other describes the process of product design. Product design conducted in a graphic studio involves analysis, visualization, creating new solutions, and making modifications to prepare the product for final production, taking all factors into account. In this light, it can be explained that product design is the process of bringing a product to the market, identifying a problem, and offering a solution to address that issue.