Advertising Campaign

What is an advertising campaign?

It can be said that an advertising campaign is the key to unlocking all the closed doors of your business. By consulting with experts in the field of advertising, you can easily execute advertising campaigns using various methods to achieve the best results, so that your brand name, product, or services quickly spread across all media in the city. You may have different ideas for your business, you may only need a campaign and advertising for one of your products, or you may want to introduce your new brand to specific audiences or the community, and other ideas that a business owner may have that require an advertising campaign to achieve.

What services do we offer in advertising campaign at Tamadone Honar?

At Tamadone Honar, our advertising campaign process is executed in a well-structured manner and in alignment with the established plan. We guarantee our clients that they will attain optimal outcomes for their business through our guidance and trust in our services. Additionally, we provide valuable offerings like complimentary consultations, development of advertising mock-ups, prompt implementation of campaigns, and other services to ensure our customers feel confident and observe notable advancements in their business.

Status Analysis

Before creating an advertising campaign, we need to assess the status of our business and answer a few questions:

Does my business have the potential for extensive environmental advertising?

Will an advertising campaign help improve my business?

Does my business have the potential to offer services to a large volume of customers after implementing an advertising campaign?

After answering these questions, if your response to the question “Can I run an advertising campaign?” is positive, congratulations! You are now ready to collaborate with an advertising company.

Setting advertising campaign goals

You cannot do this part of the work alone because you need the consultation of an advertising manager. After searching and finding a reputable and well-known advertising company, you will consult with this company to determine your goals. In this session, you and the advertising manager will reach a common goal for your advertising campaign by evaluating your business and how you provide services to customers. Be sure not to set any goals without consultation, as it may have an undesirable effect on the performance of your campaign, and be sure to reach your goal through consultation.

Target Audience Assessment

In what age group are your contacts? Are your contacts students? Are your contacts working? Should your contacts be separated by gender? And such questions that by answering these items you will reach your target audience.

Selecting the Right Media for the Campaign

This is your job, but it is better to entrust it to specialists who have been active in the field of advertising campaigns for years. Due to the variety of advertising media, you will be confused when choosing the appropriate media for your advertising campaign alone, but with our consultation, you will make the best choice and ultimately achieve the best results.

Budget Determination

Implementing an advertising campaign is more expensive compared to other types of advertising because in this type of advertising, you have a selection of all advertisements at your disposal. If you want to have each of these advertisements separately and outside of the advertising campaign, your costs will be much higher than a campaign. In general, after choosing the desired media, you will receive a package of advertisements, each package having its own specific amount, and most reputable advertising companies such as Tamadon Honar will introduce you to packages with different prices based on your budget so that you can confidently choose the best advertising campaign.

Campaign Timing

The timing of implementing an advertising campaign is directly related to evaluating the target audience, so you need to align your time with the audience’s time. For example, if your audience are students, you cannot run a campaign in the summer when no one is thinking about studying or university or run seasonal campaigns at the wrong times. It is obvious that you also need consultation in this regard so that no problems arise for your advertising campaign and the costs you have incurred!

Content Creation

Currently, content should be produced for selected media. Generally, impactful and concise sentences should be used for environmental advertisements and campaigns. Experience has shown that the shorter and more explicit the text is, the better it captures the audience’s attention. Sometimes business owners who intend to run advertising campaigns want to include all their services and products on their billboards, which is a mistake. Many billboards and media outlets have limited exposure time in front of viewers, and they must describe all the services in a few seconds.

Advertising Campaign Execution

Well, your work is done; from now on, it is the responsibility of the company you have contracted with to produce the content and selected media outlets and distribute them extensively in the city according to your needs. These companies face many challenges in executing and maintaining these media outlets, which may be beyond our perception. Challenges such as media equipment theft, power outage on billboards at night, installation problems, and risks for technical staff who are responsible for flawlessly executing and maintaining your advertisement.

Evaluating the success of the campaign within the specified period

After the end of the advertising campaign, it is time to evaluate the work process and project success. When the goal of the advertising campaign is achieved, the work is complete according to the contract. If any problems such as billboard outage, billboard tearing, etc. occur during the campaign execution process, the company is obligated to satisfy the customer under the conditions stated in the contract.

In conclusion, it must be noted that advertising campaigns are one of the best advertising methods worldwide, so by running an advertising campaign, you will quickly become a topic of conversation, and this type of advertising is one of the most guaranteed forms of advertising. If you are a new or highly competitive business owner, we recommend using an advertising campaign to boost your business. By running a campaign, you will get people talking about your business. Lean back in your chair and enjoy watching.