What is SEO?

When it comes to what SEO is and the definition of SEO, most of the sites that have published an article on this topic define what word SEO is derived from. It’s all over the place and everyone knows what Search Engine Optimization is.

But no one knows how search engine optimization is done and what actions should be taken to optimize search engine.

So, to define SEO and answer what SEO is? It should be stated that a set of actions and activities that are carried out in website design and coding, content production and strategies related to content, all link building and activities of this kind are called SEO and search engine optimization.

These activities help the Google search engine to show better results, of course, it should be added that this better result that was talked about is all identified from the user’s point of view and Google’s networks.

As a matter of worship, the more your site complies with Google’s rules and regulations, which are mostly in favor of the user, the more users will flock to your site. Stay with us to learn more about these tips and how to do SEO.

What are the goals of SEO?

If you are careful, you use Google search to answer most of your questions. Let’s say that you are not alone and every day people use the search engine and Google to answer their questions and find solutions to their problems, which brings billions of keywords into the search engine.

Most of the time, we choose the first to third results from Google’s search results and do not go to other results. This means choosing sites with a rank of one to three creates competition between sites, a competition that attracts users. to the site and increase the turnover and visits to the site. That is why site SEO and Google SEO has become one of the most important and vital parts of the digital marketing world.

If we want to express this importance with a thumb count, it is as follows that about two thirds of the visitors are the share of the first three Google rankings, and the lower the ranking, the lower the click rate of that site. Obviously, if we want to get a higher click rate, we should aim to rank one to three in Google and do our best to get that click rate.

In response to the question, what is the purpose of SEO? It should be said that getting a better rank in Google results is one of the goals of SEO.

The better and higher the ranking of our site in Google results, the more credibility it has with users.

We have explained one of the most important goals and objectives of SEO in full. Defining the rest of the SEO goals in detail is beyond the scope of this article, so we will limit ourselves to introducing and expressing them in the form of headlines.

  • The second importance of site SEO is that SEO has a great impact on site visibility.
  • The third importance of Google SEO is that it allows your profession to be recognized as a brand.
  • The fourth importance of site SEO is to bring in more users and thus generate more traffic on your site.
  • The fifth importance of Google SEO is that it improves the ranking of your site in search results.
  • The sixth importance of site SEO: When the ranking is improved and the click rate increases, more users will enter your site and it will increase the sales of your products.
  • The seventh importance of website SEO, website SEO is the best advertisement for your business.