Construction of Environmental Mockup

What is an advertising mock-up?

Advertising models are simulated and fantasy structures of a product that are exactly like the actual product. These advertising models are often produced in much larger sizes than the original product; in some cases, depending on the dimensions of the original product, they may also be the same size or even smaller than the original product (such as cars, etc.). Making advertising models is one of the newest and most attractive advertising methods in Iran, which comes in two types: pre-made and custom-made. Tamadone Honar is a leading company in making advertising mockups and by providing the best quality in least time, it will satisfy its customers.

Pre-made Advertising Mockups

As the name suggests, these types of models are mass-produced, and only in some cases,

you have the ability to change their color; otherwise, the mockup will not be

changeable. These types of mockups are present in many places due to their practicality,

and you can see these structures during the day in amusement parks, kindergartens, and

urban green spaces built by the municipality.

Custom Mockups

Custom models are the best tools for showcasing products to the audience. In today’s competitive landscape among companies, those with greater levels of creativity stand a better chance at success. Advertising mockups represent your creativity and initiative among competitors. While other competitors advertise their products on billboards, you can create a large mockup of your product and place it in the best locations of the city for the audience to physically see your product. These mockups are produced very accurately to match your product, and it is very attractive for the audience to see your product in detail. Custom models are produced in various types of materials, which we will discuss below. Types of models vary based on the material used. In general, advertising mockups are produced in various materials such as fiberglass, metal, plastic, wooden, and cardboard. Cardboard and wooden models are not compatible with every environment because of their material type and are mostly used for centers, complexes, and inside buildings. Metal models are not cost-effective due to the high price of metal and are costly. Ultimately, fiberglass and plastic are the best and most cost-effective for making advertising mockups and can be implemented in all environments under any weather conditions.

Advantages of Advertising mockup over Media Types:

Showcasing products with detailed information to the audience

* Innovation and attractiveness for the audience

* Reusability of advertising mockups after the contract ends (you can reuse the model for future occasions or keep it as a decoration in your company)

* Beautifying the cityscape with your advertising mockup

How is the advertising model made?

After negotiating on how the work should be done, we must conclude on which of your products you choose for making the model. After selecting one of the products, it is time to choose the material for its construction, and our suggestion is to leave the type of material for your advertising mockup to the discretion of the manufacturer, as they have more experience and knowledge than you. Then, the design and material of the product are sent to the workshop and made by experienced technicians in the fastest time possible, and then sent and installed at the installation site by executive specialists.

Time required to create an advertising mockup:

To create each advertising model, it takes one to two weeks, considering the dimensions and materials used, for the structure to be fully and beautifully constructed.

Billboard Maintenance

After installing the advertising mockup at the designated location, now it’s time to maintain and take care of it until the end of the contract. In Tamedane Honar comapny, the mockups are inspected daily, and any issues with the advertising mockup are quickly resolved. This company also provides maintenance services for the mockup. If the advertising model gets dirty due to reasons like snow, rain, dust, etc., our colleagues go to the location, wash the mockup, and do this periodically during the contract period.

In conclusion, it should be noted that nowadays, advertising mockup are considered as the best type of environmental advertising that, attracts many business owners towards itself with innovation, so that by obtaining advertising mockup, they can establish a closer relationship between the product and the customer.